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SHAREit is a Beijing headquartered Chinese technology company founded in April 2015, led by Michael Qiu as its CEO. SHAREit was part of Lenovo when it started, but was later spun off as a separate company. The company produces an app, also called SHAREit, which is compatible with various smartphone platforms allows users to share files between devices directly.

A disappointed customer shared this on AppGrooves "SHAREit was a very good app before when it was just started BUT it became a rubbish app nowadays. Why did you guys make it so complex?? It was way better before . It was fun, easy to use and sharing time was too fast. Now you added so many unnecessary features in it like watching videos, play games, download games and videos blah blah and all that... I mean what the h**k...!!! Now I feel like not to use SHAREit at all. Maybe Bluetooth is better than SHAREit now".


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Boltu says

"Annoying short videos and ads"

Romain Maza says

"Don't buy anything from them, if you Want to cancel for exemple a subscription, it's really difficult ! it's really like they do all they Can to discourage you to cancel."

Leonard says

"If it could be lower han 1 star that's what it should have been take your mony and give no support at all thats took my mony for a service which was not too bad server got the mony service crashed there answer was its OK this end I had a test carried out and they were not telling the truth. Stear well clear or you will end up being ripped off"

Stretch 9x says

"Scam! Fraud! On March 7 2020 I ordered Pass-Fab Product Recovery Key 1 month subscription for 1 personal computer. That same evening I received an invoice stating the one time order comes with an "indefinite" monthly subscription and my next billing date would be April 7. I used the MYCOMMERCE Support form and cancelled my order. 2 days later they sent me an e-mail and here is their reply:

Thank you for contacting Share-it. (MyCommerce)
We have received your request for a refund for order number 643494073 containing "PassFab Product Key Recovery - 1 Month Subscription, 1 PC. " We have sent an email notification to the publisher with your request, which you may receive a copy of at the email address listed on your order. If you do not receive the notification, please check your Spam or Junk folders as these emails are sometimes considered unwanted by these filters.

3 days later they again replied stating the publisher declines to give me a refund. No mention of cancellation.
Today April 7 I got a notice from my credit card company the they have received a re-occurring charge for the "indefinite monthly subscription". The same day, I also received via email a copy of an April 7 invoice with an entirely different order number and that my "indefinite" monthly subscription is for 24 months. A 1 month subscription was indicated on my original March 8 order form.
I again submitted a request of cancellation of the subscription and 3 days later received the same reply, "refund declined" and my next payment date is May 7. Still no indication of cancellation of subscription was ever implied on my two e-mails that I placed.
My credit card company policy states that they will not stop making payments if the case involves re-occurring payments.
I tried to contact Pass-Fab but there was no reply. Their web site is up but their support form will not transmit any customer input.
These people are not only scammers but are also thieves. DO NOT buy from them!"

Bas says

"Don’t buy anything from them, paid for software didnt get it. And they won’t return my money."

Ryan Keeney says

"We downloaded this software to convert .n3r files, because an article on their website indicated that it could do that. After we downloaded the software, it would not convert the .n3r files. We asked for a refund and they refused."

CJK says

"I purchased a product some time ago that has since been abandoned by the developer, the program itself stopped working in February of this year.

The developer contact email address no longer works, but they continue to allow payments for a a broken product that has clearly been abandoned.

I attempted to contact Share-It CS to let them know of this issue, but instead I just get stock replies of not offering tech support and to contact the company directly (obviously they never read the emails, since I clearly state the email doesn't work and the program is abandoned).

Very untrustworthy company, only cares about sales and not doing the right thing for customers. As far as I am concerned, they are bordering on fraudulent activity as they are taking payment for a software they know doesn't work and ignore all notices to the contrary."

Pam says

"Do jot buy thwir reboot software repair. I bought software to fix my ipad black screen and when you download everything it says you have to pay 60$ tonupgrade. Reluctantly did so and it saod we are unable to repair please contact customer service after 48 h lkus for every attempt to contact them they kept writing back the same thing not listening to me and refusing to refund despite the money back guarantee. Save your money do not buy anything feom them."

Courtney Bostdorff says

"BUYER BEWARE! I recently bought some software plugins through this company. After making the purchase I quickly began to realize that there was no working documentation on HOW to use the plugins. The documentation that was available merely showed some information about each of the settings, but nothing on how to actually use them. I spent a month trying to decipher the more that 1,000,000 settings combinations, but finally had to give up. I reached out to the author of the plugin on multiple occasions but was referred back to the same documentation. I had several separate individuals attempt to decipher the plugins with the documentation (and these are programmers) to no avail. I wrote MyCommerce and told them my dilemma and that I wanted a refund, but nope. I was told "We regret to inform that we must decline the request." So now, I am stuck with a plugin I cannot use and out a bit of money. I will steer clear if I come across this company in the future."

Customer says

"Disgracefully poor costumer service, don’t buy though these guys. Expect late “Copt&paste” template response and no meaningful assistance."

Jacob Kongsø says

"Got a bundle of 4500 styles for Roland GW-8.

First off, the styles are ripped, meaning that they're rom styles from different arranger keyboards of different brands.

While that could be ok (as some of those are very well made), theyve been mass converted so they use GM sounds, and hence theyre are not specifically designed to be used in any specific arranger.

Most of the styles are low quality, probably because they were ripped from cheesy toy-grade keyboards and added to the collection.

The files you get are named weirdly, like _disco1 or $8beat etc. which makes it difficult to navigate thru them on the keyboard itself.

Patch assignments arent even correct, you can hear that in most of the styles, some of the patches are wrong, e.g. a techno style that has a bass track with a grand piano assigned to it.

The bundle I got was advertised as being for Roland GW-8 and thats false advertising, as its NOT specifically build for that keyboard, only the file format fits the keyboard, the rest is nothing but a very poor GM conversion of style data.

Sadly, the whole thing seems like nothing but a cash-grab scam."

Jacob Kongsø says

"Bought a bundle of styles for my Ketron SD1 keyboard at their website.

They advertise the bundle as 5000 styles for a good $50, so its obvious that not each and every single style can be a kickass quality, but fact is, that almost each and every single style is totally unusable.

It seems the collection consists of styles that has been gathered from all over the internet, where some guy grabbed whatever possible from other ppl out there who converted styles from other brands.

The result is, that most of the styles sounds "wrong" upon playback, due to wrong pitch or even wrong instruments used on the parts.

Most of the styles are just poor quality and sounds like real amateur creations with overquantizing, wrong volume settings on the tracks aso.

My strong advice is to stay clear of this collection of bogus, go buy original quality styles instead.

For the $50 you can get 10 good quality styles instead of this bundle which has maybe 8 or 10 acceptable styles and then you have to dig your way thru them all to locate the few descent ones."